Reclaim your peace and your power

Culturally affirming therapy and education centered in community, advocacy, and social justice


At Mending Feelings, you can come as you are and get support for who you are.

We are a collective of therapists who offer culturally affirming therapy for communities of color and those who are marginalized by systems of power that are not meant for us.

We believe in:


Because sharing our knowledge will strengthen our mental and emotional health so we can thrive as our whole selves.


Because when we reclaim our power as the experts of our own lives, we become the best advocates for what we need.

Social Justice

Because when we hold the tools to dismantle racialized trauma and oppression against our identities, we can build new possibilities for inclusion and equity.

Whatever brought you here, we want you to know this —

We see you. We are you.

“The better we take care of ourselves, the stronger we’ll be as we continue this fight. Give yourself the permission to pause as part of the pursuit for racial justice.” – Rachel Cargle

Our Offerings:

We want you to feel seen and heard…and we know a big part of this is making sure you feel understood.

That’s why we offer many types of therapy and education options based on what’s most helpful for you.



Individual sessions with a therapist where you can figure out the tough stuff with a little help.


Sessions for you and anyone in your circle of connection, including family and friends.


Sessions where you come together with people who are going through the same issues as you.


Telehealth counseling you can do in a safe space of your own.


One-on-one and group workshops to help you navigate challenging relationships, practice self-care, and survive the systems of injustice.


Support and training for clinicians in the areas of cross-cultural dynamics and racialized trauma.

Whatever you are going through, we are here because we are community.

Let’s help you find that BETTER LIFE you seek!

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