Group Therapy

Group Therapy:
  • A selected group of topics that benefit from a group format and the exchange of ideas.
  • Several weeks, short sessions, inexpensive.
Group: All Things BLACK, support group

Description: A processing group to discuss experiences as African American professionals in corporate America. This group will allow you to create community by sharing experiences and barriers with other individuals that look like you.Topics include natural hair in the workplace, microaggressions, racism, barriers to advancement and creating community and unity in the workplace. 

Duration: 60 mins, 4 weeks 

Fee: Insurance or private pay $30 per group

When: February 2023 ( Black History Month)

Week 1: Advancement in corporate America while being BLACK

Week 2: Discuss tools, techniques and resources on how to combat racism, racial slurs and microaggressions

Week 3: Learning how to embrace natural hair in the workplace

Week 4: Identifying allies, supports and developing coping skills

Group: Please Don't Kill my Vibe, support group

Description: This processing group will allow you to learn how to not let others control your energy, mood or your vibe. Learning how to emotionally regulate, set boundaries and gatekeeping to sustain your joy, peace and happiness. You will gain a deeper understanding on how to cope with circumstances and/or situations. 

Duration: 4 weeks 

Time : 60 mins

Fee: Insurance or private pay, $30 per group

When: TBA

Week 1: What are your triggers ? 

Week 2: How to emotionally regulate and its barriers ? 

Week 3: How to set boundaries and its barriers.

Week 4: Finding your peace in letting go